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Salai, Irving resident passionate about building software products to solve customer problems, previously worked in Concentra and Quest projects. Proud father, kids born in Texas.


Steven, committed drug-free workplaces practical, easy, convenient and affordable for business owners. Steven is a certified drug screening professional. He brings over 15 years of medical experience and is focused on integrity, strategy and growth.


Juanita, is experienced and has history of working in the Medical Practice industry. Skilled in Medical Records, Drug Testing, Data Entry and Medical Billing. She oversees the Central Texas operation on our compliance service.


Ramya is passionate product manager like to build software applications. Draws vision and convey vision, Focusing colloboration between customer and the company. Ramya,s specialities include various,cross platform web applications and now stepping towards Big Data based applications.


Ganesh Natesan brings 15+ years of leadership experience in building digital platforms. As IT Solutions architect and handson developer, he has designed applications for large enterprises such as Bank of America, AIG, Statefarm and Volvo. He has helped startups to device Tech stratgy to serve customers in B2B and B2C spaces. Ganesh holds an MBA from the COX School of Business  at Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Computer Science from India

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